Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ecuador Here I Come!

Yes, the rumors are true... I have been accepted by SIM to go to Loja, Ecuador! Here's the info I know EVERYONE is dying to know ;)...

What I'll be Doing: There is a coffee shop in Loja called El Sendero (The Path) that reaches out to university students in the area (there are 2 Universities there). So I will be helping in the coffee shop, meeting and loving on people, and hanging out, all with the hopes of talking to them about Jesus.

When I'm Leaving: My target date is the end of January.How long I'll be gone: 2 years! aaah!

What I can YOU do: PRAY! I am looking for a team of people to be my prayer partners. You can pick a day of the week and be a part of my "Monday" prayer team or my "Tuesday" prayer team. Just let me know what DAY you want to PRAY!
GIVE! I am starting to raise my support financially as well. If you are interested in partnering with me, please let me know. For more info, email me at

What's Next: The next 4 months is going to be a whirlwind... My last ROC will be October 18... then off to my training in NC. After that, I'm hoping to take a vision trip to take a look at Ecuador... then home for a month to hang with the fam. I will be back in Dallas sometime after Thanksgiving and then again sometime around Christmas. So much of this is an unknown, but I believe that God has been preparing my heart for this for a long time and I'm excited to see what he is going to do with it.

Along with my excitement comes some fear... but I know he who has been faithful to bring me this far, will continue to be faithful.

Monday, September 10, 2007


"To win the battle, you must go TOWARD gunfire..." I saw that quote by Newt Gingrich on a starbucks cup the other day and was blown away by how often we do the exact opposite. It is so much easier to run away from things that are hard, things that hurt and things that make us uncomfortable.

But those are all the things that God calls us to. It is completely against my nature to go toward the unknown, but that is exactly what I feel God is calling me to right now.

I have an opportunity to go to Ecuador for 2 years to help with a coffeeshop ministry to university students. Pretty much what I will be doing is hanging out with college kids, building relationships, helping at El Sendera Cafe and looking for opportunities to share the gospel... ALL the things I LOVE to do!

So this weekend I'm starting on a journey toward that mission... I am going to North Carolina tomorrow for SIMstart to find out more about the organization and hopefully about the ministry as well. Please keep me in your prayers as I start out on this amazing adventure!

I'll keep you posted!!
Passionately pursuing Jesus,