Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thoughts from an airport...

People walking around, not seeing anyone.
We might be stirred by a bump on the arm
or a distant word
But besides that, we want to be in our world.
'Why are you in my space?!'

Are the confident truly confident
Or are we playing pretend?
Are the angry truly angry
Or is it a facade to hide the hurting child within?

MUST we constantly be on our cell phones
Or do we just constantly need to be needed?
Does the silence on the outside reveal a peace inside
Or is someone screaming to be heard?

Who will open up their eyes and see?
Who will be the one to scream...

I refuse to walk by the hurting, the lost, the broken.
I refuse to pretend like every thing's ok.
I choose to love and listen
I will be Jesus to those who have heard but never seen.

*These were some of my thoughts yesterday as I was stuck in the Chicago airport yesterday for a couple hours. In the midst of writing I met a girl, Sarah flying back from London. She had just been at her grandma's funeral, she was sick and the flight to get back home took way longer than planned. You never know when God is going to put someone in your path who is hurting and in need of Jesus. It reminded me to OPEN MY EYES and truly SEE people.Many people have HEARD of Jesus but never SEEN what he looks like.


Beth Daugherty said...

Airports, airplanes and buses are perfect locations for great conversations. It is amazing what God does when we open our eyes to what He is looking to accomplish.

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Beautiful words and thoughts Miss Eng. Looking forward to seeing you soon...