Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Too much luggage...

A team of 15 from Brookwood arrived in Quito on Thursday, October 8. I couldn’t help but jump for joy when I saw them! That night as I laid in bed, I also couldn’t help but mull over the details of the following days in my mind, including how to get SO much luggage on the next flight without getting charged $200. This is something I had been mulling over and trying to figure out for the past couple of weeks. I thought… well I could send Daniel to the counter because he doesn’t speak any Spanish, so it’ll be so frustrating to them that they’ll just let us through. But then I thought that was pretty mean to the people at the front desk and to Daniel! OR I could just pretend I couldn’t speak Spanish… but then I figured that was a little deceitful.
As I laid there, the Lord said, Walk up to the front desk, put down all the passports and let me handle the rest. I thought I heard him wrong. There is no way it could be that simple.
The next morning before we ever went into the airport, I got the team together and said, “Look guys, we have about 20 kilos over each person… so we’re just going to have to pray and let the Lord do the rest.” We prayed, walked in, and I set the passports on the counter. The lady behind the counter marked each piece of luggage with weight and everything. Every single bag was over and we had about 3 extra bags, on top of 3 guitars and a keyboard. She handed me the tickets and said, “Have a good flight.”
That was it… all my fretting and the Lord already had it all figured out. Sometimes the simplest answer is best one.


H.Clark said...

WOW!I love hearing your stories of how you see God working so specifically.
This one especially makes me so curious. Was it a decision she made or did she forget she was supposed to charge you or did God use a Jedi-mind-trick on her :) We'll never know & it doesn't really matter in the long run. But God is pretty awesome & good for you for listening to Him!

Dustan and Becka said...

Jamie, I find that I do not comment near often enough for you to know how much Dustan and I enjoy reading your blog posts. We can not wait to get on the field and knowing how El Sendero is being used for the gospel allows us to feel connected to you all. Also, we have used your stories many many times to show how God is moving in Loja. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.