Sunday, January 10, 2010

An Unexpected Guest...

As most of you know I am traveling around Ecuador with my sister. We have had all sorts of adventures so far... including but not limited to: realizing that we only had $150 to last us for a week and my debit card was expired so we had no way to get more; 2 parties 2 nights in a row in 2 different hotels that kept us from sleeping more than a couple hours; and angels from every corner helping us out in every bind and situation.
I want to tell you one story of what ifs...
My friend Andrea, who lives in Quito so I have not seen in FOREVER came by Loja 2 days after I left to go on my trip. Steven just HAPPENED to be in the building when she stopped by so was able to get her number and give her mine.
When I went through Quito, I texted her, but got no responce. Janna and I decided to hang out in Quito that day and go to a coffee shop, walk around town, see what we could see, eat lunch at a new place and so on. After a couple hours, I still had not heard anything from Andrea. We decided we wanted to go see a movie and so started to walk to the trolley. On the way to the trolley, I ran into Andrea. This sounds like such a coincidence, but you have to understand Quito is the size of Dallas... you dont just run into people downtown. And here is the kicker... she lost her phone the day before, so there was no way we would have hooked up if we would not have run into each other! We ended up having a coffee together, seeing a movie, hanging out and I got, probably my last opportunity to share the gospel with my friend. She told me that she has been praying a lot lately and I encouraged her to start reading the Word and going to church.
When Janna and I got home at 1:00 in the morning, we started talking about all the What Ifs...
...IF we had decided to go see a movie in the afternoon, we never would have been downtown at that time.
...IF we had not have eaten the food we ate, we would not have gotten sick and had to stop so many times before leaving the downtown area (yes, there is a good slant to even bad deals)
...IF we had not have stayed in the coffee shop so long, we never would have seen her.
...IF we would have walked down ANY other street, we would not have met her.

There are a million IFs... but the Lord coordinated each and every step. Do you know how awesome it is to be the daughter of the God of the Universe!? What is impossible for man, is possible for God!

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