Saturday, March 8, 2008

2 Platanos and 1 Onion

I really do have it easy here. Yeah, I live in another country, but I still have friends, relatively normal food, a great apartment, and a good life. I met a girl this weekend who has given up a lot of that to live in a place where you have to walk 1 1/2 HOURS to get to a TAXI to take you to a normal city like Loja. ONE AND A HALF HOUR WALK!!! To say the least, this place is rural. Megan is there helping out with health education and has recently got the opportunity to teach the children Bible stories.
She gets to come into Loja once every couple of weeks to buy food and just relax with modern conveniences. I got the opportunity to hang out with her a little this weekend and she told me a story that overwhelmed me with the provision of God...
Earlier this week when she looked in her cupboard, she realized she had only 2 platanos (type of banana) and 1 onion to last her the entire week. She said she cried out to the Lord, "What am I going to eat? All I have is 2 platanos and 1 onion! And I don't even WANT to eat those!" In that moment, the Lord brought to mind the verse that says that birds do not sow or plant but the Lord provides for them. So this amazing woman chose to trust the Lord.
Later that day a nurse friend of hers came by and insisted that Megan eat with her all week due to her patients paying her in fruits and veggies - too many for her to eat alone.
I am blown away by Megan's faithfulness to trust the Lord. Pray for this girl... she is in rough physical, emotional and spiritual situation being the only foreigner without a fellowship of believers in a VERY rural town. Every day God teaches me something from someone here; today is was to trust the Lord to provide - even when it seems hopeless.
May you see God's provision in your life... through 2 platanos and 1 onion.

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