Monday, April 21, 2008

How do you pray?

When you pray, do you think He actually hears you? When you pray do you pray like he is going to answer or do you pray thinking, ‘Well, it couldn’t hurt… might as well pray about it.’

I realized that lately I’ve been praying like he doesn’t hear. But this week he decided to just blow me out of the water.

Here’s the story: I’ve been praying for a couple of my friends (friends I’ve written about before)… one is dating a married man, the other is dating 3 guys, another is settling for a guy who isn’t really what she wants, but he’s the only one around, and the latest one is dating a guy who even SHE says isn’t that great. So I’ve been praying asking the Lord to do something… but not really believing that he would. This week my friends had some fun stories to tell me. My friend who is dating the married guy told me that they got in a fight on Monday and she hasn’t spoken to him since. She said its probably for the best (yeah it is!). And that night I went out with my other friend who told me she broke up with all 3 of her boyfriends and thinks she’ll be single for a while. I found out the next one broke up with her boyfriend (again) and I hope it stays that way. But there was still my last friend who just started dating this guy so I didn’t figure that she would break up with him anytime soon. We were talking yesterday and she said, “I’m going to be single as of tomorrow.” Of course I was shocked and inquired as to why and she just shrugged and said, “He’s not a good guy.”

You see, with all these girls, it’s not really about the guys that they’re dating or not dating, it’s more about them not being with the One who can truly satisfy them. I pray that all these “break ups” are just the first step in the Lord grabbing hold of each one of their lives and showing them his love.

Pray like you mean it and watch God show up!

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