Thursday, January 13, 2011

Let the little children come to me...

Today I got to be a part of something beautiful. A woman came to my window at school and said that she was looking for someone. This story unfolded before my eyes: she is a truck driver who was driving through Dallas and doing her laundry at a local laundry mat here in West Dallas. While she was there, she got into a conversation about God with the owner. The message was not well received, but after he walked away a little girl leaned over to her and said, "What you said was true." When the lady asked how she knew that, the little girl explained that she went to a Christian school and knew what the Bible said was true. The lady asked if she could get the little girl something, fully expecting the little girl to say candy or a coke, but instead she said, "I want a Bible." The lady said that the first thing she thought of was Solomon's petition of God for wisdom instead of money and power.
The lady did not get the little girl's name but bought her a bible and a devotional and was going around to the different school in West Dallas looking for a Christian school. Since we are the only Christian school in West Dallas, she came knocking on our door.
Due to the amazing knowledge of our parent liaison and registrar, Mrs. Howard, we were able to pin point which one of our precious kids it was. Here's the interesting thing: this is a child who gets in trouble quite often and at times doesn't act like she is listening. But she was listening; enough to speak the truth when others wouldn't.
Children listen and absorb much more of the truth than I think we give them credit for. I was brought to tears as I looked on this little 7-year-old kid who spoke truth when she could have kept quiet. There are so many reasons that Jesus said: Let the little children come to me. One of the biggest ones was to teach the "growups" how to have child-like faith. Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.


Libby said...

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Anji said...

That is a lovely story. You must be very proud of your school

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