Saturday, December 8, 2007

What's your Story?

When am I going to learn that my plans and God's plans don't always line up. Tonight I was supposed to be in Chugwater, Wyoming in order to tell my story at my college church tomorrow morning. But, between the snow and ice (see picture above), I wasn't able to make it.
As usual I ended up sitting in a coffee shop talking to someone. I found out that he was a believer since he was 19, but had just started walking with God recently. He had a great story. His life was good. He had money, success, family and a good job... but one morning he woke up feeling empty... a void only God could fill.
Then he asked for my story and as I told him where God was leading me, he vocalized his insecurity about sharing his faith. I shared with him something I remembered hearing from Voddie Bachman. He said that if HE was God, he would have sent angels to share the gospel instead of humans. There are 2 things that angels are known for saying when they appear to people in the Bible... "Fear not" and "Get up." They are SO huge and terrifying if THEY were to give the gospel, people would move in hurry. But he said that WE have something that they will never have, the song of the redeemed.
And that's what I shared with my friend the coffee shop. He has something that s angels don't have. He has his own story of how God has moved and worked in his life... and when you share that with someone, it has power because of the Spirit of the living God.
After he left, I was reading the word and came to Psalm 107. "Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, his love endures forever. Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story."
As I read the rest of the psalm, I was floored because the psalmist gave 4 different stories... just to show how each story of redemption is different.
Verse 4: "Some wandered in the desert... they were hungry and thirsty."
Verse 10: "Some sat in darkness, prisoners suffering in iron chains."
Verse 17: Some became fools through their rebellious ways."
Verse 23 "Some went out on the sea in ships... they saw the works of the Lord, his wonderful deed in the deep."

At the end of each story was the same line... "Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love." (Read Ps 107 if you get the chance...)
Your story of redemption is unique to YOU... God met you where you were and saved you through his unfailing love... You don't have to have eloquent or persuasive words... you don't have to be as massive as an angel... you just have to be willing to tell your story and let God do the rest.

He is constantly reminding me... its not about ME, it's about the Spirit of God who lives inside of me. Have you ever told someone your story?

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Dana Marie said...

that picture of snow in Colorado made me homesick. -so thanks for that. :(