Sunday, February 15, 2009

Goodbye to a dear friend...

I remember when I met her. I had just recently come to Ecuador and my Spanish was crap. We were at a barbeque farewell for another friend of ours and I was introduced to her as someone who was interested in a Bible study. My very first thought was: YEAH RIGHT?! There is no way I can lead a Bible study in Spanish… I can barely get myself around town!
But as always God had other plans and that’s when we started our Bible study about a year ago. Since then I have seen Maria de los Angeles grow into an amazing woman of God. I’ve seen her take the challenge of studying the Word and challenging her friends with the same. I have seen her telling others about Jesus and becoming burdened for her family. I’ve seen our little Bible study grow from just a couple to six. And above all of that, I have a gained a dear friend who I will miss terribly. At the same time I am so proud of who she is and what she will be doing. She is going to a small town in Bolivia, Chiquito (literally translated SMALL… and that it is!) for a year as part of her studies in University. She will be helping poor indigenous people there.
In a recent conversation we had, she informed me that after this year, she is thinking about joining a mission and helping people physically as well as spiritually. What a blessing to see what the Lord is doing in her heart. Please be praying for her as she will be quite far from any evangelical church (at least I think so). Pray that the Lord would provide other believers to encourage and uplift her. Pray also that she will have ministry opportunities among these people.
My heart is broken because my friend is gone, but it rejoices knowing that the Lord has her in His hands whether she is in Ecuador or Bolivia.
(Picture from left to right... Carolynn, Maria de los Angeles, Susi, Gabi, Margoth and Me)

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