Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Grammee...

There is something about a hospital bed that brings things into perspective. This tiny frail woman laying with eyes closed and head back was not always like this. We used to race down the mall corridors and see who could eat the fastest. We would see 2 or 3 dollar movies in one sitting and eat so much we couldn't move. Her smile would cause her already small eyes to disappear as we would laugh at something silly. We missed more than one exit because we were lost in conversation. She prayed for me, spoke God's Words of truth into my life and was my confidant when I trusted no one.
This is my Grammee.
But this weekend when I went to visit, I realized that things really have changed. Getting up isn't quite as easy as it used to be, walking takes just that much more effort, and the desire for the richest foods has all but disappeared.
I tried to be strong as the EMTs came to scoop her up on Saturday. I held her hand and gave her a reassuring smile as we sat in the ambulance. I interrogated the doctors on what might be wrong and made sure they didn't give her anything she can't have. I played the role of responsible granddaughter for the whole weekend... Until I got home and landed in a puddle of tears in Steven's arms.
This is the grandmother who has taken care of me my whole life. She changed my diapers, washed my face, and held me as I cried. Now I guess its my turn to return the favor.


Angela Elledge said...

Oh, my heart is heavy for you, thank you for sharing.
I'm your newest follower! ;-)

Anonymous said...

whoa! just gotta say this: be strong.

PS unlike me you write stuff that actually matters

Dave Moore said...

Jamie, I know how you feel. I had to take on the same role with my mom, and now that God has called her home I am so grateful He allowed me that time with her. Just like the years of my childhood, we shared special moments that I will always hold dear... Love ya!!! Keeping you in prayer

Alex said...

I've been there. With my grandpa though. It's hard to watch. But God is watching over you both.

I'll pray for you!!!

Bailey Ann said...

I'm praying for your grammee, you and your family. Love you!