Monday, January 28, 2008

Why are you here?

I thought I knew. I thought I knew what I was supposed to do here and what I definitely DIDN’T want to do here. I wanted to come and work at the café, make friends, learn Spanish. I didn’t want to help with English. I want to learn Spanish!

I first met Luis at the English conversation class. He’s a University student majoring in some sort of computer programming and seems quite good at it. After class he says to me, “Simple as pie?” He was learning English slang and phrases. The other great one was “I have a hot bod.” Where do they learn these things?

Last night we had El Noche de Fe (Night of Faith). It’s a sort of Bible discussion that is completely bi-lingual. I didn’t realize how many people will come to ANYTHING where they can practice there English. Luis was there and had a lot of questions. “What does the inside of an Evangelical Church looked like?” and what was this word, “redemption.”

To be honest I didn’t think that I would get to be involved in these kind of conversations for a long time, but somehow God has allowed me to use my ENGLISH of all things to talk to people about him.

Why am I here? I am here to glorify him. No more, no less.


Brian Bradsher said...

Great stuff Jamie! Praying for you!

Dad said...

I am so glad to know that you are feeling that the Lord is using you in such an amazing way! I love you!

Shannon said...

Jamie you are so amazing, I've reading your blog and you've been inspiring me to follow your example. You may not realize it but your are still ministering to me even though you're a bazillion-trillion miles away just by ministering to those in Ecuador. I love you! Keep doing what your doing and I'll stay tuned in and maybe I'll learn a thing or two!