Thursday, January 31, 2008

If I speak in tongues of men...

"If I speak in tongues of men and angels but have not loved, I am only a clanging cymbal..." is a present I received from my sister to remind me that LOVE is the goal. God had to reminder me today that love is not always a spoken language.
El Sendero closes at 10 but we usually start closing things up at 9:45. At 9:45 one our regular s walked through the door. He's a kid from one of the churches who usually comes in with a big group of kids, but tonight he was alone. I brought out his drink and said hello, but he wasn't his normal cheerful self. He looked like he could burst into tears at any moment. As he told me what was going on in his life, all I could do was nod my head and attempt to understand. I only caught about 1/3 of what he was saying... he was a believer but was struggling with living the Christian life. As I listened, I wanted some wise words to tell him, but I couldn't figure out how to speak spanish from my heart. So I just sat and listened. As I sat there I cried out to the Lord, "Give me something to say! Give me understanding!" But all I could think about was that verse in my room... if I speak in tongues of men and angels but have not loved I am only a clanging cymbal. In my listening I attempted to love. And even though I did not understand everything he said or have some wise word to tell him, I pray he heard my love.
Is my Spanish getting any better? Some days, I actually thinks its a little worse, but I'm attempting to learn the language of love.

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