Sunday, February 24, 2008

I think I'm Home...

I was always one of those kids who called everything home. We'd be staying at a hotel for vacation and when we'd be out at a restaurant, I'd be the one to say, "So before we go out to the movie, can we stop by home... (meaning the hotel, not my house)." And then there was the first time I went back to see my parents when I was in college. I made the mistake of telling my mom I was going "home" (meaning back to college).
What is this thing we call home? Is it the place where your family is? Or where you feel the most comfortable? Maybe its the place you have friends or just the place you sleep... I'm not sure what home is for you and to be honest, I'm not completely sure what it means to me.
Today was like any other day here in Loja. I went to church this morning, ate lunch with some friends and then went to another friend's house to learn how to salsa and then play bingo with her family (believe it or not, that is a normal Sunday afternoon for a Lojana). I had such an awesome time meeting Leydi's family, being taught something new, and then getting to hear a little of her heart.
As Candace and I were walking back to our apartment, I was hit with this weird feeling. I now know people here in Loja. I have friends to hang out with and people to talk to. I'm slowly becoming part of people's lives and they are becoming part of mine.
When I ask myself: what is home? I think of something someone prayed for me before I left Dallas, "Wherever Jamie ends up, would you be her home. Would she remember that wherever you are IS HOME." So... I think I'm home.


Anonymous said...
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Dana Marie said...

you can come make Ohio home if you want to... just throwing it out there. miss you!