Monday, February 4, 2008


A country wide water fight... sounds like fun ya? That is until you spend your entire day soaking wet. Carnival is a country wide water fight. I'm still not exactly sure why or how it started (I'll try and find out of you) but technically it started Saturday.
All the kids love it because they get off school for a couple days AND it gives them an excuse to drop buckets of water off their roof onto any unsuspecting or ignorant passerby. I was the victim of one such incident on Friday.
When we walk anywhere we are very away of the fact that it is Carnival and the girl I live with, Candace was warning me in a certain spot that some kid keep dropping water balloons on her. No sooner had she grabbed my bag and said, "Wait, I think there's a kid up there" when another teenager with a bucket of water came running up behind us. I attempted to run, but Candace had my bag trying to keep me from getting water dumped on my head. Needless to say the entire back of my pants were soaking we all day long.
You would think that things like that would only happen out on the streets and that only little kids would participate. This is a common misconception. I was put in my place by Gloria, our 45 year old cook at El Sendero.
Gloria LOOKS like a sweet, wonderful innocent lady... but she is FOOLING YOU. At El Sendero on Thursday night we had an all out water WAR in the kitchen/El Sendero/the outside hallway and guess who started it all? Yep, Gloria.
Enjoy the pictures... if you wanna see more click here :)

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Dana Marie said...

you get out of school for a water fight?! i'm totally moving!