Sunday, May 25, 2008

Can you see me?

What do people really want in life? Do they want money, status, good looks... I think the reason that most people want any of this is to be seen. REALLY seen...
In Ecuador, I don´t really look guys in the eye. I know it sounds strange, but if I do, I usually get a comment... ¨Hola Guapa¨or something along those lines. But since Janna has been here, she has challenged me to truly see people once more.
Today I got the opportunity to see someone and I believe she blessed me more than I blessed her. When Janna and I were at the supermaket today, we saw a woman begging and decided that we would buy a loaf of bread and bring it out to her. As we bent down to grace this woman with our small gift, her eyes welled up with tears as she began to speak to me through a toothless grin. The most I could gather was that she lived far away and had a relative in the hospital. As I struggled to understand what she said, I begged with the Lord to give me understanding, but all of the sudden I realized that this woman didn´t necessarily need to be understood, she just needed to be seen. I reached out my hand to touch and bless her, but I feel like I was the one who truly received the blessing.

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