Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I’ve always had this problem… trying to say ONE thing in Spanish and in reality saying something completely different. My friend Kate says I have to share this story… it’s her favorite mishap.
My friend Leydi and I were sitting in El Sendero talking about our day. I was explaining to her how I went to see my other friend who had had surgery the day before. All you had to do was look at Leydi’s face to realize that I had said something wrong. “What??” So, of course I repeated it in the form of a question… “I went to visit my friend who had surgery??”
I need to point out that the word for surgery is “cirugia,” but that is NOT what I said… instead I had just told Leydi that I went to visit a friend who had “orugia” which translated means orgy.
Man, I hate it when I say stupid things like that.  Chalk it up for another good mishap.


Dana Marie said...

haha, love it! way to go Wally! hope everything is going well, love you!

jazz85 said...

hola jaime!!!! me he reido mucho con tu equivocacion, estuvo muy gracioso, me gusta mucho tu blog!!! es un modo de evangelizr y llegar a la gente tb!!! cuidate mucho!!