Monday, January 12, 2009

Can God use a cattle herder?

Yesterday Nicole (my roommate) and I were talking about how the Lord likes to use ALL the experiences that we’ve had for his glory. Nicole said that since she’s been here the Lord has used her love of music, baking and the English language. As I started rattling off my random list: Youth minister, Barista, EMT, can salsa, knit, and sing. And then I blurted out, “And I can work cows! But God has yet to use my cattle herding skills for his glory here in Ecuador.” We laughed and I didn’t have a second thought about it… until this afternoon.
Five of us girls decided to go to Vilcabamba to climb Mount Mandingo. About half way up we run into 3 bulls, a cow and 2 calves. The girls start freaking out about what we do about this situation since they are RIGHT in our path and don’t look like they’re planning on moving anytime soon. So what do I do? Do what I would do if I were helping my friend’s family move cows… made some fun cow movin’ noises and moved those lovelies right down the path until we could get by.
It wasn’t until we were walking down the mountain that I remembered what Nicole and I had talked about… I laughed to myself. God doesn’t waste a single gift, talent or skill that you randomly pick up on a ranch in North Dakota.


Jennifer Miller said...

2 More Days until your 1 year landing anniversary!! How exciting :)

I'm glad you enjoyed your time in the states and look forward to keeping up with your blog once more!!

Jamie said...

Thanks for keeping up with my blog Jen! Seriously I didn't even realize that I was that close to exactly one year until you said something!!! :) Thanks for the reminder. Hope you're doing good :)

Lynn Trew said...

That's our Chugwater girl! In God's economy nothing is wasted!!!