Sunday, January 18, 2009

The wild ride continues...

Sitting at the living room table watching the warm rain pour down my windowpane I am reminded that I am home, in Loja Ecuador. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been here an entire YEAR! One down, one to go…
December 2008 ended with one wild ride that didn’t slow down from the time I stepped foot on American soil until I stepped off. From December 8th until January 6th I had 9 flights, was in 4 states, spoke at 3 churches, had 2 road trips and got to see 1 cute little nephew! It was a month well worth it.
Out of all the people I saw and all the things I did, I’m trying to pinpoint one thing to share with you and it would have to be the very last message that I heard in Loveland before I got on the plane. Our pastor was speaking about the power of the Holy Spirit and how He doesn’t have boundaries, but sometimes we like to draw these lines of what God can and cannot do. In that moment, the Lord spoke to me about this next year. Most of you know that I am changing jobs starting February 1st … I’m going from volunteering at El Sendero to managing it. And the Lord told me, Are you willing to cut all boundaries of what I can and cannot do? Are you willing to walk not having a clue what you’re doing in order for me to blow you away with my power?
This means a lack of control on my part. It means that I will have to let go and let God do whatever he wants to do whether or not its in my “plans.” If you know me at all, you know that this is very difficult for me. I like to at least FEEL like I’m in control. But He is saying to me: Are you willing to let go of ALL control in order for me to work?
That “lack of control” started as of this week with the train for this new manager position. He is showing me that everything is his. I have to LET GO of everything that defined last year AND everything I “hope” will be this year.
Even in the face of all this scariness, I want to say: YES! I don’t want my dwarfed dreams, I’d rather take the dangerous road. So here’s to one great adventure!
This next year is going to be a trip… one that I could never dream up, I’d love if you’d come along for the ride.

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Lynn Trew said...

Life with Jesus is never dull!might not be what you expected but never boring. Mrs Toad's Wild Ride continues. You go, girl!