Thursday, January 29, 2009


Meaning: “To take care of”

As I was walking down the street today I realized that Ecuadorians are really good at doing this word.
I saw a dad effortlessly scoop up his 7 year old daughter and carry her down the street.
I saw a little boy hold his grandma’s elbow as she waddled her way down the street.
I saw two friends showing love as they walked arm in arm down the street.
And I can’t forget the little old blind man with a cane waiting to cross the street. I saw another man who was walking with his girlfriend stop, take the man’s arm, and walk him to the other side.
This is cuidar; the way that they look after one another. And I began to think about the way God cares for me. A El, le encanta cuidarme. “He loves to take care of me.” He is that Father who effortlessly draws me close to his heart as I hurt. He is the One who makes the effort when no one else bothers. This is my Savior, the One who gave all to truly take care of me. And for all that and more, I just feel like I need to say thank you.